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Ice Hockey Manager  v.0.3

The "Ice Hockey Manager" (IHM) is a hockey team managament game running under Linux, MacOS and Windows. Checkout our home page for further

Ice Updater  v.04

ice Updater - sriptable solution for automated and centraled MS Office update. International search and download missing hotfixes and service packs. Quiet install patches on local or remote machine - no need user input. Tracking logs, Windows NT or

Icetools: a numerical ice flow model  v.0.9

icetools provides a development environment for numerical ice flow models/simulations. Nonlinear rheology and Stokes approach are implemented. "Ready to use" programs/scripts are available based on different numerical libraries, from educational to

Infobright Community Edition (ICE)  v.40

ICE is an analytic database built on MySQL, designed for fast query response against large data volumes. It is a self-tuning, columnar database whose unique technology eliminates the need to create indexes or partition data. Get it at

JAM - JavaGen Ant Modules  v.2.1

JAM, JavaGen Ant Modules, is a modular Ant toolkit for developing and testing Java/J2EE applications. JAM supports EJB and Servlet/JSP development using XDoclet, JUnit, Cactus, Maven, Castor and UML code generation on various servers including

Jam--Nuclear Physics Data Acquisition  v.2.4.19

Jam is an easy-to-use self-contained data acquisition and analysis system for VME-based (or CAMAC-based) nuclear physics experiments. Jam has an easy, standard GUI for taking and sorting multi-parameter event-based data into 1-d and 2-d

J-ICE  v.2.01

J-ICE stands for Jmol interface for crystallographic and electronic properties. Is an extension of the powerful, platform independent molecular visualizer Jmol, towards crystallographic and electronic properties. More info will be given

Slime Ice Hockey, 2 player  v.1.1

A two-player Slime Ice Hockey game, with the entertaining allure of classic greats such as Slime Volleyball and Slime Soccer, except on a two-dimensional playing

Stats Jam  v.1.4

The Stats Jam project is an extension to Mediawiki that allows users to embed database queries and visualisations into their wiki

Tux Ice Maze  v.0.5

Tux Ice Maze is a Puzzle Game where you have to guide Tux through a slippery ice maze to the waterhole so he can catch

Ice Engine  v.1.0

Ice Engine is an 8-bit color graphical API for java. It offers easy to use functions for creating indexed color graphics. Virtual "framebuffers" allow direct read/write access to screen data. No external libraries are used, so it should be ...

ICE Communities Notebook  v.1.0

ICE Communities Notebook is self notebooks program that fits USA And Israel students

Robot Battle 2.0: Ice  v.1.0

Robot Battle 2.0: Ice is a next generation programming game, themed around robotics simulation.

Black Ice  v.1.0

A hockey-like game in 2D. Try to score goals in an abstract sports environment with up to 12 people. Play as 3 types of players on the ice, or as the goalie for your team, each with their own unique abilities.

EALA Game Jam Engine  v.1.0

This is the first iteration of an engine that was used at Electronic Arts Los Angeles for their first Game Jam event. We are releasing the source to the community so that it might help anyone interested in making or prototyping simple 2D games.

Ice-9  v.1.0

Ice-9 is an IceWM extention based on an experimental new paradigm in keyboard-driven spatially-oriented menus. It promises to increase speed of mouse-free navigation for power users and to improve desktop access for visually and fine-motor impared users.

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